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Frequently Asked Questions

Why doesn't Porta-Melt sell more items separately?

A key factor in selling most of our items in kit form, is to help ensure the safety of our customers. Moisture must be avoided at all times and our furnace kits help to promote the preheating of casting materials and tools, to aid in the removal of existing moisture. Additionally, our furnace kits also include an array of high quality, protective apparel, to help prevent burns. Casting metal can be extremely dangerous, and it is Porta-Melt's belief, that our furnace kits help to remove some of the hazards associated with casting metal. However, please note that our furnaces kits do not include a face shield, and a face shield should be worn during all casting procedures.

Why doesn't Porta-Melt sell their crucibles and crucible cover already welded?

Porta-Melt does not weld these items, because of liability issues. Casting metal can be extremely dangerous, and a poorly constructed or eroded steel crucible, can certainly result in serious bodily injury or death. Molten aluminum will erode and eat away at a steel crucible, and eventually, the steel crucible will no longer be fit for use. Therefore, a steel crucible should only be welded by a competent and certified welder, and before each use, the crucible should always be inspected for cracked welds and erosion.

Why does Porta-Melt stress usefulness above aesthetics?

At normal operation, the Porta-Melt furnace will exceed 1800 degrees Fahrenheit. Upon firing up the Porta-Melt furnace for the first time, the tin plating will begin to flake off and the canister will begin to rust, and the whole appearance of the furnace will change. Instead of being a thing of beauty, it will become one of your most rusty, but trusty tools.

Can I coat the Porta-Melt furnace with oil to help prevent rust?

As a safety precaution, we recommend not using any chemicals on the Porta-Melt furnace, especially water. When working with aluminum, a simple speck of water can cause a major explosion. We are uncertain of the hazards associated with other chemicals, such as oil, so we ask our customers to please refrain from using any chemicals on or near the Porta-Melt furnace.

Why are most of the Porta-Melt products unpainted?

Due to the harsh and high temperature environments that our products are utilized, we feel that painting our products would be a useless expense that we would have to pass on to our customers, and it would not be cheap. Most high temperature paints have a maximum intermittent temperature of 1800 degrees Fahrenheit, and we just don't believe that is sufficient enough to endure the temperatures and harsh environments that our products may be utilized.

Why is there no refractory in the Porta-Melt furnace?

The goal of the Porta-Melt furnace is to provide a lightweight, portable, yet durable furnace for melting metals with a low melting point. With the exception of the furnace canister, this portable metal melting furnace is ruggedly constructed and will last a long time. Periodically the furnace canister will need replacement, dependent upon usage and care. If you think you need refractory to melt metal, then just watch some of our videos.

What is the story behind Porta-Melt's scratch, dent, ding, and rust disclaimer

There are several factors involved in Porta-Melt's scratch, dent, ding, and rust disclaimer. First and foremost, we blame our suppliers for selling inferior materials, but we maintain a relationship we these suppliers, so that we may pass a significant savings onto the customer. However, Porta-Melt is always looking for material cost savings, which also offers a better quality of raw materials. Of course we could use a little lipstick and rouge to make our products look better, but it would only drive up the cost to the consumer, for very little added value. On the other hand, occasionally it is our fault, because thin, preformed sheet metal is very hard to work with and mishaps happen, such as the slip of a rotary tool, with a grinding point. Our goal is to provide sturdy, rugged, and useful tools for metal casting, and we believe that we achieve that goal very well, with perhaps a few minor blemishes. Instead of scrapping are hard work and/or raw materials, we simply admit that our end product may have minor blemishes, and hence the disclaimer.

Why does my Porta-Melt furnace have a couple of dings?

Let's begin by stating that finding and acquiring the proper size canisters for these furnaces was no easy task. So Porta-Melt is essentially at the mercy of the supplier. When we receive an order of canisters, approximately one third of the order is so badly damaged that we would not dare offer it to a customer, and this is a significant loss. However, as mentioned, the size and rarity of these canisters is of such importance to us, that we now consider a canister with a few small dings, a valuable asset. Of course we would like our furnaces to be scratch and ding free, and we are truly sorry that we must sell canisters with minor defects, but until we find another source, the best that we can do, is provide a useful product, with possible minor blemishes.

Can I use a propane burner with my Porta-Melt furnace?

At this point in time, no testing has been performed with a propane burner. In the near future, we will be testing propane burners extensively.

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