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About Porta-Melt

It is Porta-Melt's primary objective to provide useful and durable tools for metal casting and foundry work.

Without the proper foundry equipment and a well thought out casting process, metal casting and foundry work can be a tedious, stressful, and dangerous task. It is our opinion that we have created a durable set of tools, which are well suited for melting and pouring lead, zinc, and aluminum. The Porta-Melt furnace is perfect for both recreational and commercial usage, and when used with our other foundry equipment, your metal casting projects will become enjoyable, productive, and hopefully much safer.

Porta-Melt places a huge emphasis on safety, portability, durability, and customer satisfaction. Please allow us and our tools to be of great service to you.

President of Porta-Melt LLC
Bruce Drummond

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