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Enjoy Productive & Safer Casting With A Porta-Melt Foundry Kit

The Porta-Melt One Furnace Foundry Kit (Cat. No. 299 shown above, concrete blocks not included) and the Porta-Melt Two Furnace Foundry Kit (Cat. No. 300) are both well suited, to help make many metal casting projects more productive and much safer, by providing a preheating area, plenty of tools and accessories, as well as personal protective equipment. Removal of moisture is a key element to casting metal safely, especially when casting aluminum, and our foundry kits are specifically designed to aid in the removal of moisture, meanwhile also providing handy accessibility to the necessary tools and accessories. Each of these charcoal fueled furnaces is capable of supplying one quart of molten aluminum, zinc, or lead.

In addition to Porta-Melt's charcoal fueled furnace foundry kits, we also supply steel crucible kits, separable pressure heads for lost foam casting, lifting and pouring tools for steel crucibles, and various other items. So please take a look around, examine our documentation, products, and videos, to see if our products may fit your needs.

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